Winter 2020 Fashion Trends and Ideas for Women

Winter 2020 Fashion Trends And Ideas For Women

Leaving behind the colorful months of autumn and officially entering winter in 2020, it’s the time to sum up the coolest trends on the basis of Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 runway shows, as well as urban and street styles seen more often. There is a variety of styles to choose from, so you can pick up your favorites and create your own statement while staying up-to-date with current fashion.



Probably the most obvious trend is a loose and relaxed style, encompassing oversize suits, large coats, and loose trousers, which were also seen in the form of unisex outfits and androgynous styles. Some brands simply used menswear for styling women and vice versa.


Chanel Resort 2020 @ Chelsea, New York – Photo Source: Trendcouncil


80s styles have made a return in recent years, and they becoming more prominent every season. Now you can see eighties power shoulders and shoulder pads in some brands offerings.


Yves Saint Laurent – Ready-to-Wear 2019


Various brands have offered soft leather outfits. While tight leather pants are like a necessary piece for many styles, designers tried to use these super-soft leathers in new ways, and, as a result, we see varied designs from straight loose leather pants to comfortable outfits and dresses.


Zara 2019-2020 Collection


Zimmermann Resistance Leather Obi Pant


Another obvious trend is faux fur (fake fur). With regard to increasing awareness on environmental issues, more brands, including Stella McCartney, Michael Korsö and Moschino, try to replace and promote synthetics as opposed to real animal furs. Faux fur has the same look and gives you the same amount of warmth.


Stella McCartney Faux Fur Coat


Furry coats are very trendy this year. You can go for colors like blue or pink to spice up your overall look, or you can choose the common dark colors like brown or black if you want a more formal style.


Max Mara 2019 Collection


Fleece has become a popular fashion item despite its casual and fuzzy look. It’s a vegan synthetic material (but not recyclable) often mistaken with sheep’s coating.


Women Teddy Fleece Sweater


Shearling coats made of real sheepskin are more costly, but they still have their vibe and they can be good whether you want a modern or an old school style like the 70s style coats by Chloé.


Sylvie Schimmel Oversized Shearling Coat


Capes are also seen in some of the winter collections. And they are really good, as they give you the opportunity to effectively wear anything with them, be it tops or shorts or any other you like!


Miu Miu Green Waxed Cape


Turtlenecks are always a common choice for winter. Wearing them under blazers would give you a more formal look, but you can mix them with anything casual as well. Oversize turtleneck sweater, like the ones offered by Isabel Marrant, are fabulous, easy to match your leather pants.


Isabel Marant White Cashmere Harriett Turtleneck


We witnessed an abundance of designs with neon colors. Neon was popular in the 80s and it is back in business again. While you can go for an all-neon look, by taking advantage of neon colors in accessories like tights and bags or certain pieces of outerwear like turtlenecks and mixing them with darker colors or even brighter colors like pink, you will be able to create exceptional looks.


Yves Saint Laurent Ready-To-Wear 2019


Jumpsuits were deemed totally old-fashioned until a few years ago. But they are becoming a popular choice as party outfits and now chosen as a formal style for the workplace. Boiler suits have also made a comeback to be a favorite choice for everyday styles.


Stacy Denim Boiler Suit


Well, well, now it’s the time for ribbons! You could see bg-sized ribbons in some runways, including Celine and Erdem. Headbands were very common in the 80s and they are turning to a popular choice again. Fluffy, satin or velvet headbands were one of the coolest trending accessories these days.


Happy new year!

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