Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day


We are reaching the 4th Thursday of November, the time for coming together and celebrate the sweet Thanksgiving holiday. In 2019, it occurs on November 28, which is obviously later than usual. While the date is changing every year, ranging from 22nd to 28th, the 2002 and 2013 Thanksgiving holidays had also occurred on 28th.

Thanksgiving, as one of the most important cultural holidays in America, tends to symbolize peace and thankfulness, as well as the arrival of the holiday season. It has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but it has deeper historical roots.

Celebrations similar to Thanksgiving date back to centuries ago, when Native Americans celebrated the harvest festivals at the end of a season of growth and prosperity. In early 1600, Massachusetts and Virginia settlers had celebrations to show their gratitude for survival, fertility, and faith.


Reproduction of an oil painting by J.L.G. Ferris, early 20th century decipting The First Thanksgiving. From Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (neg. no. LC-USZC4-4961)


The three-day feast in 1621 held by Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts is considered the most significant evidence of early Thanksgiving celebrations, held with the participation of local Indians. The title of Thanksgiving was given to that celebration since 1623.

Almost 170 years later, upon the creation of the new United States Constitution, President George Washington designated November 26 in 1789 as a “Day of Public Thanksgiving” to celebrate the establishment of the new United States and the new federal Constitution.

President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed November 26, 1863, as a day for Thanksgiving, after the victory in the Battle of Gettysburg, designating the last Thursday of November as a special day for “Thanksgiving and Praise”. And finally, on November 26, 1941, President Roosevelt officially made the fourth Thursday of November the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day.



Many of you have already set your plans for family and friends gatherings and food preparations. Well, roast turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pies, sweet potatoes and yams with marshmallows are obviously a part of the treat. And It is hard to imagine Thanksgiving Day without a turkey on the menu. It is estimated that almost ninety percent of Americans have it for their dinner.

The use of turkey for Thanksgiving was allegedly popularized by Abraham Lincoln and his Thanksgiving dinners. Nevertheless, Turkey has been a symbol of bounty for many years, and there are some logical reasons for having that bird for this day.



Apart from the traditions, they are big, and when you think of having plenty of food available for all the guests, you can have a few turkeys instead of dozens of chickens, and only one turkey would suffice for a small family.

Thanksgiving is an ideal time for being together and expressing our thankfulness by writing down what we are thankful for, then read them aloud in the warm family atmosphere. Well, we are not likely not to miss the NFL contests on the holiday. I wish you a great Thanksgiving!

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