ScooPick Dog Poop Bags

Pick up pooch poop in one easy scoop with ScooPick. Made from 100% recycled plastics, ScooPick is the only doggie doo bag with a patented, built-in scooper. It allows you to clean up your park links without handling any waste. Each pack comes with 30 bags, so if your pooch poop twice a day, then you may want to get 2 packs to last you a month.


We know your dog’s poop doesn’t stink.

But even the cutest dog in the world can drop some nasty bits of business. And who needs it on their hands or clothes! ScooPick is a fully contained, fully disposable pooper scooper bag. It folds up flat and works on any surface, indoors or out. You can pick up dog logs from grass, dirt, gravel, concrete, carpet or tile. It’s truly the fastest and easiest way to clean up after your dog, large or small.

Patented, built-in scooper is fully disposable
Scented bags keep things smelling like roses
Folds up flat so you can carry it in your pocket
Landing-scoopick Clone

You will have a chance to win surprising prizes by clicking this button and spinning the wheel.

Texturized surface prevents logs from rolling
Everything’s made from 100% recycled plastics
Clean and easy to use. No contact with poop.

It’s Easy. It’s Quick. It’s ScooPick!

Reach inside the bag and grasp the scoop handle. Squeeze gently to bend scoop into a slight “U” shape. Scoop up the poop and hold the scoop steady. Draw the bag forward with your other hand. Pull the bag over the scoop and its contents. Grasp and tie both bag handles and toss it out!


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