Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas for 2019

Christmas And New Year Gift Ideas For 2019

Christmas Holidays are almost here, and the time for family and friend visits has come. Gifts are not just a part of traditions. They help you show your love for your dear ones. Ideally, you want something that stands out and cannot be found in every shop around. From tiniest pieces of jewelry to big or small dolls, almost everything seems like a good idea for this occasion. But making a wise decision can sometimes be tricky if you want something that stands out and also leaves a memory. Here is a small list of holiday gift ideas for every taste and budget.


Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas


1. Candy Bags


Candy Bag

One full bag of candies and chocolate! But I’m talking about a selection of unusual and exotic candies which look like fresh sweets to try on for the first time. Some Japanese and Turkish candies are among the best to try for this purpose.


Handmade Decorations and Kitchen Gadgets



There are plenty of options when it comes to handmade items. Every country has its own specific designs, be it from Latin America, Africa, China or the Middle East, and they are offered in various online and physical shops around you. Wooden handmade items like kitchen gadgets and wooden trays are great gifts for women.


Vinyl Records



Well, we may listen to our favorite music on digital platforms most of the time. But vinyl is back and it is fashionable among music lovers. A copy of a rare or out of print album can certainly bring about a sheer joy for your loved one. You can find many good deals, even for shrink-wrapped classic LPs and singles on


Herbal Tea Collections



Cold times are perfect for having warm and hot drinks. A premium selection of herbal teabags not only serves as a perfect winter gift but also brings a good dose of health and warmth. You can place them in a special teabag wooden box for better presentation as a gift.



Candles and Candle Holders



Candles are seen everywhere during Christmas days, and they can adorn every corner of the house with them. The variety has made candles a good choice as gifts, and you can find many unique and decorative candle sets with waxed or scented candles as well as terrarium and cactus candles presented in bowls.





One of the smallest, but enduring, memorable gifts to buy for friends and relatives is a keychain. They can stay with them for years and remind them of the good days that they spend with you. Besides the common metal, wooden or plastic key chains, the ones made with leather or other soft materials can be a perfect choice.


Patterned Tights and Dresses



Tights/pantyhose are a certain piece of fashion for the cold days of winter, but what if they have Christmas prints? Among all designs and prints available out there, I have found Christmas patterned tights from Pretty Polly very cool and fashionable for the Christmas holidays. If you are buying a Christmas dress for someone, you can find a matching design for it.



Dolls and Pendants


Big or small soft dolls are perfect gifts for children, but also teenagers and adults like them very much. They can be placed anywhere in the house depending on the size, especially in the kids’ room. There are many cute plush dolls for every age, and you can surprise your dear ones by picking up a unique one. Christmas tree pendants are also superb as gifts.


Photo Frames



Nowadays, we generally use merely cellphones for taking and storing photos. They may be shared on social media, but they might be forgotten sooner or later. A selection of photo frames in different sizes or a modern photo frame can be a good excuse for having our best memories printed and kept as a necessary part of home decoration.



They are always good gifts and provide you with many options. Necklace pendants and bracelets are among the coolest jewelry for such days, as they are quick to wear and try by the one who receives the gift. Unique and modern designs are available for any kind of budget.





Yes! They are always like perfect gifts, and easy to get. Although choosing a proper perfume might not be an easy job, these are some good picks for the winter:  Tom Ford’s Black Orchid or Noir Extreme, Dior J’adore and Hypnotic Poison, Michael Kors’ Wonderlust Sublime, Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense, or old classics like Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb or Calvin Klein’s Obsession.





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