Advantages of Online Marketing


What is digital marketing?

In this marketing method, products, goods, services and etc. are being commercialized online, over the internet, which is mostly used among today’s customers and end users in Global Village.

Digital marketing is applicable on platforms like:

  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Business networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • Promotional ads via emails.
  • Paid pop-ups.
  • Blogs

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It is low cost:

The cost of advertising on television, radio or newspaper is too high while online advertising costs a lot fewer. Online ads cause advertisement budget reduction and money saving for company.

Gives fast and reliable results:

Speed is one the most important factors in the marketing. You can get real-time and fast and reliable results and feedback over digital marketing than traditional methods.

Everything is live in as well as:

  • Visitor count
  • Most fruitful time of the day
  • Conversion rates.
  • Bounce rates.

You can take immediate action with no waste of time.

Brand development:

The statistics of both traditional and digital marketing can be evaluated but one of the most important factors which must be taken into consider is the brand image which rises much more over digital marketing. This is because of limitations like rate and frequency of advertisement reach to customers.

In this case also, online advertisement is much more advantageous in comparison with the traditional advertising method.

By establishing a website, you own wide fully customizable platform which can be filled with newest data and can be edited on demand. This website can be reached to millions of people all over the world. But you can just have a static column in a newspaper with limited recipient.

It is direct:

When people buy newspaper, they pay for the news and contents in it, not the ads. People turn the radio on to listen to the music not listening to the ads. When people buy a magazine, they ignore pages with ads. All these case studies shows that the traditional advertising goes ignored.

One of the other advantages of the online advertising is that people can choose whether watch it or not.People have chance to ignore incoming ads. or read or watch them. You can quit social media discussion on a particular brand page. Digital marketing aims directly at target group while it is impossible to filter the audience at traditional marketing method. Thus, in this case also digital marketing seems to be winner against traditional marketing. From point of attracting audiences without annoying them.

It is much extensive:

Potentially, ads. broadcasted on a local television or newspaper cannot be reached to the wide range of audiences and it will be limited with that location. Yet, online advertisement is worldwide, global and unlimited thus, you won’t miss any opportunity.

Higher engagement:

Interacting with target group in traditional marketing is difficult and time consuming. You cannot take an action unless you get feedbacks and analyze them which is a long process in traditional marketing. Engaging audiences with online marketing is easy and real-time. It is possible to chat and discuss over your brand, company or a specific product with audiences immediately. While this part is extremely important, you must pay more attention and invest on public relation team and spend more time over it.

Faster publicity:

You can get instant publicity on online marketing because it is real-time. Otherwise, you can at least understand that which one of your ads are efficiently work for you. Comparison between the traditional and digital marketing may not be fair because the first one has no important thread to present.

Not bothering:

In digital marketing audience can choose whether watch the ads. or skip. There are some crucial but less discussed differences between these two. One of the most important examples can be freedom of choice. In traditional marketing, when you are walking someone may suddenly put a flyer into your hand. Your favorite TV show or program may have interrupted for commercials that, is an annoying issue. While you can skip online ads, you don’t have chance to ignore ads. in a newspaper and this one of biggest differences between them.

Suitable for all fields:

Online advertising has some priorities in the battle between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

No matter how big your business is. Online marketing helps you reach maximum potential of your online presence and advertising. There are disadvantages for small businesses on traditional marketing. You will not need many employees dealing with advertisement issues on digital marketing.

Easy analytics:

 Google Analytics shows you instantly whether an ad works for you or not using digital marketing.

Many items can be measured in real-time as well as inbound traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, profit, and the general trend of interested audience. Peoples using online marketing, stay a big step ahead in comparison with people still using traditional marketing.

Easily strategy refinement:

The advantage of getting real-time result and analytic in online marketing is being able to take action immediately. Also troubleshooting is easier in this method because you can see the problem, solve and improve and make better. Negative feedbacks will not annoy you in traditional marketing because, you will get them when it is too late. While you get statistics immediately on digital marketing via google analytics and apply readjustments, in traditional marketing it would be too late take suitable action and refinement on time.

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